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Department of Missing Socks

Image of Department of Missing Socks

Department of Missing Socks

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Washing line quote 1m wide.

G E T - T O - K N O W - M Y - P R O D U C T ]
This design is cut from top quality Vinyl from GERMANY and BELGIUM, rated 6 years outdoor durability, fade resistant indoor and waterproof. This graphic decal can be permenent or temporary, it is self-adhesive yet removable, you can easily remove it when you no longer need it. However the removed decal is not reusable.

* Please note: socks and string not included in decal.

IMPORTANT: When placing your order please be sure to include the colours of your choice in the "Comments to Seller" section (please refer to last image for the colour options). If you cannot see this, email myfriendmatilda@gmail.com straight after you place your order with your colour combinations.

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