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Frequently Asked Questions

What currency are these products advertised in?

The prices listed are in Australia dollars. Visit to get an estimated conversion for your local currency.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?
We really do hope you are happy with your purchased items as we pride ourselves in presenting you with beautifully made products. However, if there is a problem with your purchase and you are not happy please contact us straight away: [email protected] . If My Friend Matilda agrees that the product is not up to scratch then we will ask you to return the product and we will supply you with a refund or replacement. Contact must be made within 30 days of purchase and it is at the discretion of My Friend Matilda on whether the product warrants a refund.

Will I get the exact product displayed in the images?
Please be mindful that the colours in the wall decals are to order of the colour chart provided. If you request a custom colour we will attempt to get it as close as possible to that requested. Please be mindful that colours will appear differently on all computers as will the perception of the designers idea of colours. We suggest you forward on a link to the colour you are hoping for to ensure the best results.

Will decals damage the wall?
My Friend Matilda decals are suitable for smooth interior and some exterior surfaces.
It is recommended that you do not use this product on surfaces that have old, flaking paint on them, and please allow freshly painted surfaces to cure for at least 4 weeks before you apply the stickers. My Friend Matilda wall stickers have successfully been applied and removed from many surfaces.

Please note: Due to the wide variety of surfaces, their conditions and the users techniques, My Friend Matilda cannot be held responsible for any difficulties experienced when removing the designs or any damage left to the surfaces. As there is no guarantee on the condition of all wall surfaces, we cannot be held accountable for any problems encountering when removing decals or paint flaking occurs. Some paint touch up might be required if paint flakes on the back of the decals when removing them. If you are not willing to do a "touch up" we do not suggest you purchase any decal in any store.

How to Safely Remove Wall Decals
Removing wall stickers can vary a little depending on the surface. Wall stickers adhere to textured surfaces differently to hard surfaces such as glass or metal, therefore removing can be more difficult on some areas.

Let’s look at some of the methods for removing.

Removing from walls
Painted walls are at the highest risk from damage when removing wall stickers. This means you need to take some care and focus on avoiding this damage. It is possible to remove wall stickers from even the worst walls. We advise you do not apply the decals to recently painted walls - we suggest you wait a full 4 weeks for it to dry completely.

The worst walls are those that had a suspect paint job to begin with. These include paint that has multiple layers of paint and these layers have not been prepared between paint coats. Or one that has air bubbles underneath the paint. (When applying wall stickers or wall decals it is always best to test the surface at that time).

•Work slowly and do not rip, snatch or pull the wall sticker of the wall
•Using a hair dryer, heat the vinyl directly at the edge you are removing
•When the vinyl feels warm gently lift edge ( you might need to get a finger nail under)
•As you roll or pull the vinyl away from the wall, you need to heat the next section of vinyl directly in front of the piece you lifted. Basically you are working gradually heating and lifting.
•If you can visually see or you can feel a bubble under the paint surface you need to take care lifting over this area. If there is a second person, you can ask them to control the hair dryer while you use your second hand to press down on the bubble as you lift the vinyl off.
•Continue until all of the vinyl is removed.
•If there is any gum residue (not common on walls) then wipe the surface with a gentle citrus cleaner.
TOP TIP: Pull or roll the vinyl back against itself like it is being folded back. Do not pull the vinyl out from the wall at 90degrees as this will put more pressure on the paint.